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Kansas: In The Spirit Of Things (1988)
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Album Cover

Top Billboard Spot: #114
Single: Stand Beside Me

1. Ghosts

Walsh, Morse, and Ezrin (4:18)

2. One Big Sky

Ehmig and Kleinfel (5:17)

3. Inside Of Me

Morse and Walsh (4:42)

4. One Man, One Heart

Spiro and Huff (4:20)

5. House On Fire

Walsh, Morse, Ezrin, and Ehart (4:42)

6. Once In A Lifetime

Armato and Morgan (4:14)

7. Stand Beside Me

Jordan and Gaitsch (3:28)

8. I Counted On Love

Morse and Walsh (3:33)

9. The Preacher

Walsh and Morse (4:18)

10. Rainmaker

Walsh, Morse, and Ezrin (6:44)

11. T.O. Witcher

Morse and Walsh (1:39)

12. Bells Of Saint James

Walsh and Morse (5:39)

The Band:
Phil Ehart- Drums
Billy Greer- Bass and Vocals
Steve Morse- Guitar and Vocals
Steve Walsh- Vocals and Keyboards
Rich Williams- Guitars

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